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Bagpipe Competitions

We will have solo and band bagpiping competitions throughout both days of the festival free for all attendees to watch. 

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Shortbread  Competition

The origin of shortbread goes back to somewhere around the 12th century when it was originally made from leftover bread-making dough that was left to dry out and harden. The more refined version of shortbread as we know it today is attributed to Scotland, particularly to Mary, Queen of Scots in the 16th century, who was said to love it. 

In our competition, we have 2 categories, Traditional and Gourmet.  Traditional is exactly that….traditional.  Just 3 or 4 ingredients combined to make cookies that are nothing more than the buttery, crumbly goodness. Gourmet Shortbread is a little more adventurous.  If you want to add fruit, chocolate, glazes or other non-traditional add-ins, then your recipe should compete in the Gourmet category.

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Pumpkin Scone

Scones Competition

Scones are thought to have originated in Scotland

in the early 1500s, being first referenced in

writing a Scottish poet in 1513.  Around 1840,

scones became an essential part of the fashionable afternoon tea. 

In our competition, we have 2 categories, Traditional and Gourmet.  Traditional is exactly that….traditional.  It is a simple but slightly sweet, buttery, crumbly, bread type…. thing, often paired with jam.  Gourmet Scones are a little more adventurous, sometimes even savory.  If you want to add fruit, chocolate, glazes or other non-traditional add-ins like cheeses, meats, veggies, or nuts then your recipe should compete in the Gourmet category.

Whiskey With Ice

Whiskey Tasting

Due to circumstances beyond our control, we will not be hosting a whiskey tasting this year.  We're sorry for any disappointment. 

However, all beer vendors will still be open!! 

Cupid Celtic Clash

Sponsored by The Strong Comp, this event will test your strength and will-power as you compete in several events: EVIS Sandbag Press, Dinnie Stone Carry, William Wallace Sword Hold, Husafell Max Carry, and Single Arm Throw Weight Over Bar. Sign up today!

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Tug of War Challenge

Sponsored by The Sherman Police Department, a familiar and traditional game of strength.

Challenge a group of friends or colleagues, bring your team, and see who wins!


Fencing and sword fighting demonstrations will be provided by the Victorian Fencing Society. Check out their website and social media to learn more!

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Viking Demonstrations

Step back in time and visit the viking village! Dressed in era accurate clothing, Watch and learn how they make everything they need to live each day.


But don't be surprised to see a Viking battle randomly happen throughout the day. 

This exhibit is presented by Black Wolf Vikings! Check out their Facebook page to learn more here!

Bonniest Knees Contest.jpg

Bonnie Knees Contest

Men in Kilts! This is your opportunity to show the world you have the bonniest knees of all. Free to enter and prizes awarded for 1st through 3rd places.
Registration and information will be available at the Festival Entry Gate. Competition to take place on Sunday, March 26, 2023 at the Jed Marum Memorial Stage.
This is a crowd favorite event you will NOT want to miss!

Kids at Playground

Kids Activities!

A variety of family-friendly events!

Bring your kids for them to enjoy the sights and sounds of ancient Scotland as well! There will be a variety of activites including the park's playground equipment, dog parades, tug-of-war, foam sword fights, face painting and more!

Face Painting
Woman with Red Hair
Red Beard_edited.jpg

Were you blessed with fiery red hair?  Come show it off to the festival!!
Several categories for men and women. Stop by the Headquarters Tent for information on this contest.


Red Hair Competition


Kilts, Kilts, and more Kilts!

Sherman Celtic Festival is a certified Kilt-friendly event! If you've never worn one then you'd be surprised at how incredibly comfy and... breezy they are! Everyone loves a kilt- from our viking friends of the past or the future warriors from another galaxy!

If you don't have one, don't worry, we have WONDERFUL authentic, traditional kilt vendors at our festival that can custom fit one just for you.

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