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Highland Games

The first historical reference to Highland Games in Scotland was made during the time of King Malcolm III (1031 – 1093) when he summoned men to race up Craig Choinnich overlooking Braemar with the aim of finding the fastest runner in Scotland to be his royal messenger. They were also thought to have originally been events where the strongest and bravest soldiers in Scotland would be tested. These gatherings were not only about trials of strength. Musicians and dancers were encouraged to reveal their skill and talents and so be a great credit to the clan that they represented.

These traditions of games, music, and dancing have continued today with

festivals all over the world and have found their way into Grayson County!

The Scottish Highland Games one of the most popular events at Sherman Celtic

Festival. It pays homage to centuries-old Scottish athletic games and includes

the hammer throw, caber toss, sheaf toss, and stone put.

Come watch some of Texas' finest athletes try their hardest to win the gold!

Tug of War Sherman Celtic Festival.jpg

Tug of War

Grab some friends and get your teams together now!

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