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Live Music!

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CLEGHORN is America's Celtic Rock Band! Featuring the father and son team of John Cleghorn and Dylan Cleghorn, CLEGHORN music mixes original folk/rock songwriting with high energy Celtic fiddle, screaming guitar leads, and rockin' bagpipe tunes. 



Jiggernaut is more than musicians, they are a group of friends and family that thrive by sharing the stage! With an innovative style of Celtic fiddle/bagpipe rock, Jiggernaut has been entertaining audiences at festivals across the US for over 20 years!


Plunk Murray

Plunk Murray is a fantastic, diverse and slightly rowdy band that keeps all ages entertained with an eclectic mix of traditional, modern, and trans-genre hard folk music. Banjos, accordions, mandolins, guitars, drums- Plunk Murray does it all with frolicking, slightly irreverant flair!

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River Driver

Aidan Flanagan and Michael Logan bring such a high energy, diverse sound you’ll be surprised there’s only two of them... Playing an eclectic mix of traditional Irish Fiddle tunes, pub songs, folk, and classic rock-  get ready to clap and sing with your friends at the local pub!

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Beyond The Pale

Beyond The Pale- Celtic Music & and beyond! Their unique and diverse sound blends and brings to life traditional and original tunes and songs, from the Celtic/Americana/Roots traditions, spiced with a bit of rock! Beyond The Pale performs on fiddle, flute, accordion, guitar, hammered dulcimer, whistles, saxophone, concertina, bodhran, and vocal styles and harmonies. Beyond the Pale has recorded seven albums as well as two solo fiddle CD’s by Gordon McLeod. Beyond the Pale is Gordon McLeod, Christy McLeod, Betsy Cummings, and John Delaney.

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Reel Treble

Are you ready for some Foot Stomping Tunes?! Antonio Santiago, Keyreel Raskolenko and Joseph Carmichael have performed throughout the U.S. and internationally. These multi instrumentalists will be taking it to the next level. You’ll find them moving seamlessly from Irish, Scottish, Cape Breton and Old Time tunes with that perfect mix of Celtic and American Fusion for all ages!


Ricky E. Pittman

Rickey E. Pittman, the Bard of the South, is a storyteller, author, and folksinger. The Grand Prize Winner of the 1998 Ernest Hemingway Short Story Competition is originally from Dallas, Texas. Pittman presents his stories, music and programs at schools, libraries, organizations, museums, historical reenactments, restaurants, banquets, and Celtic festivals throughout the South.